1) Do you sell CD’s…DVD’s…Cassettes…Cassingles…8-Tracks?
No! Vinyl is all we do.

2) What are those Giant records on the wall?
They are transcription discs for radio. Before there was magnetic tape, a syndicated national program was cut onto these discs and sent to radio stations to fill in programming. They play at a variety of speeds and are 16” in diameter so you needed a specialized turntable to play them.

3) What are those tiny records at the end of the row on the wall?
Those are 5” Hip Pocket records. They were sold in vending machines and made on flexible plastic so you could put them in your pocket and carry them around. You needed a manual turntable to play them because an automatic turntable would pick up because they went inside the normal trail-off groove. It was a very short lived trend.

4) Are you Dave?
Yes. I’m not fictional although some days it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Also the beard is real and not on loan from Santa.

5) Do they still make records?
If you have to ask, you need to run out buy yourself a turntable. Then I’ll be happy to show you how much new vinyl is out there. About 30% of the top 200 are generally available. Certain categories are more available like Rock, Indie, Soul, and Hip Hop. Certain categories like Jazz, Country, Classical, Blues, Reggae, Vocal, World, etc. there is almost none.

6) Do you have Gift Certificates?
Yes in whatever amount you’d like. At the moment you have to get them at the store itself.

7) Do you ever have sales?
No. With over 25 years of experience, I know the value of records and 95% of the stuff that is in the racks sells at the marked price within 6 months. If it doesn’t sell within 6 months, we mark it down 25-50%.

8) Do you mail order?
Yes. Contact us by e-mail and if we have it in stock, we’ll e-mail you back with a price plus the shipping cost. Then you can call us with a credit card and we’ll get it out to you.



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